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GAME is located in Napoleonville, LA among the sugar cane fields of South Louisiana where sugar cane has been grown for decades and sugar cane harvesting equipment has been manufactured for nearly 100 years. For the past 70 years starting with Thompson Machinery as early as 1950 and Cameco in more recent years, this equipment has been exported worldwide. GAME’s employees and founders have over 400 cumulative years of experience in building such equipment starting with Thompson Machinery, Cameco and John Deere. David Chadwick, the owner of GAME, was the Engineering Manager at Cameco for a number of years and for John Deere after Deere bought Cameco. David designed and oversaw design on the later models of the Cameco equipment including tractors and sugar cane and pineapple harvesting equipment. David and GAME’s engineers have been designing industrial tractors and harvesting equipment for the most challenging applications since 1988. GAME uses this experience to build each model better than past units and has standardized the components and systems for the entire product line.

The pineapple machinery was the origin of GAME. GAME’s early success was evident by nearly 100% large plantation market share within three years. The largest pineapple plantations in the world depend on GAME Equipment for machinery and service to keep their pineapple on supermarket shelves worldwide. The world’s largest pineapple growers have standardized on GAME machines.

Computer numerical controlled machining and other machine shop services are supplied to a variety of customers in the oil field and other industries. GAME’s precision machine tools and machinist improve the quality of all equipment manufactured at GAME and diversify its product offering.

A GPS steered, self-propelled sugar cane planter was developed for large operations in tropical areas such as Hawaii, Colombia, and areas of Africa, who plant and harvest their sugar cane throughout the year.

The vegetable sprayer was developed mainly for chemical companies to apply their product. It is the first machine built by GAME that is standard with limited options for a larger niche market. Large chemical companies and corporate vegetable growers have purchased them and they operate in the valleys from San Francisco south into Central Mexico.

GAME’s largest product line, tractors, was started in late 2007 with additional models added over the years. These industrial tractors were designed to be heavy duty, durable and mechanically simple for long hours in remote sugar cane and other rough applications worldwide. GAME presently has 15 models of tractors. Our largest tractors are ideal for more demanding conditions like working with scrapers, chisels, and rippers typically used in land and site preparation, mining, and land clearing.

GAME added sugar cane loaders to its product line in 2012 and will add more models of tractors, grab loaders, cane haulers and scraper tractors for the USA. Our goal is simple, “produce the largest and best suited sugar cane and scraper tractor product line in the world.”

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